Grill Really Thick Steaks Perfectly By Starting At Low Heat

Grill Really Thick Steaks Perfectly By Starting At Low Heat

Steaks over an inch thick are best on the grill, but their thickness makes it a bit more tricky to cook through and get that excellent char on the outside. The food experts at Serious Eats tells us the best technique for grilling “Cowboy Chops” is to use a gentle heat first, then finishing it over high heat to sear.

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The reason this order is better, they say, is that the pre-warmed steak will sear faster and therefore you’ll reduce the likelihood of overcooking the steak. In true Serious Eats scientific fashion, the article also offers timing and temperature recommendations, such as flipping every five minutes. Check out the article for the full instructions and slideshow.

For more steak grilling techniques, see also seven myths about grilling a steak.

How to Grill a Gigantic Rib-Eye Steak [Serious Eats]


  • Cover it!
    I have this small aluminium dome that perfectly covered 3-4 bigger than usual rib eyes in one go. The idea is pressurised cooking, but bbq-style (more like traditional US-style).

  • I’m just a home chef, but I find that the meat will get tough if cooked at a low temperature? Or is it just a poor quality steak, if there is such a thing?

  • If using a gas BBQ I like to get the grill real hot, then turn off the heat altogether – sears nicely with the scorching hot grill, but cools in its own time and doesn’t overcook the steak.

  • I actually cook on a grill on slow heat every week for all my friends.
    They Love it.
    There are just a few things to remember:

    1. Keep the same types of meat touching to create an oven effect below the meat.
    2. Keep the heat relatively low with no actual flame
    3. If you find that the heat is too low and it’s the meat is not getting juicy on the underneath after about 15 minutes simply place a piece of foil or newspaper of the whole grill. I prefer newspaper as it releases just a little heat.
    4. Try to raise the heat right at the end to get a seared outer layer and lock in a few of the juices.

  • Your seven myths has a contradictory point regarding salting.

    It also changes the theory on flipping multiple times, mind you, this is a specific circumstance.

    Now I just want a steak.

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