Gplus Tweet Shares Your Google+ Updates With Twitter

One of the challenges in using Google+ is that it's one more social networking application you have to pay attention to. Chrome extension Gplus Tweet cuts down on the workload by automatically sharing Google+ updates with your Twitter account.

The extension adds a 'Post to Twitter' checkbox to your Google+ status updates; select this and what you post will be automatically shared with Twitter as well. The checkbox also includes a character counter so you can stay under Twitter's 140-character limit. You'll miss out on some of the benefits of dedicated Twitter clients (or the Twitter site) such as URL shortening, but it saves posting the same link or thought on multiple sites.

Gplus Tweet is a free extension for Chrome only. You need to go through the slightly fiddly Twitter authorisation process to install it; the download link below includes instructions on how to do that.

Gplus Tweet


    I really hope that there will be addons for G+ that will allow this within the web application itself instead of needing something for your browser. That way I can use my phone, other computers, etc.

    Perhaps something for Labs?

    I think that sort of thing will come as soon as G+ release their API.

    This extension is more of a temporary solution until that happens.

    I'm more looking for the other way around (i.e. I post to twitter, and it updated G+). I can understand it's not possible yet because Google hasn't released their API, but I'm sure it will happen soonish :)

    I second Molokov. What's the point of switching to Google+ with all its 'circle' settings only to have your posts shoved right out on a public social network site again

      Keep somethings to your circles, other things public

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