Google+Facebook Browser Extension Allows Facebook Viewing, Updating On Google+

If you’re loving Google+ but finding it to be virtual ghost town while your friends slowly trickle in, the Google+Facebook browser extension incorporates your Facebook feed into your Google+ stream. You can also post status updates and replies directly within Google+.

Facebook is attempting to plug the flow of migrating users by “blocking nearly every app or extension that migrates data to Google+. For now, the Google+Facebook browser extension is an easy way to meld the two social networks. The extension is easy to install even for people who have never added browser features before; once you click on the “Get Google+Facebook” link you will be asked for permission for the extension to install and then permission to connect to Facebook. Only time will tell if a similar extension will surface that allows Google+ streams inside Facebook.

Google+Facebook is a free browser extension that is supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Google+Facebook [Crossrider Framework via AddictiveTips]


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