Google Updates Australian Street View With Better Images

Google has updated much of the Street View imagery for Australia in Google Maps with "higher quality" photography — check out the enhanced image of Lifehacker HQ for an example.

Google has also said it will be sending out its Street View cars again later this year for additional local photography, though it hasn't specified a time frame. Presumably this will kick off a new round of people being identified coming out of brothels and topless sunbathing. If you spot any notable examples, tell us in the comments.

Updates to Street View in Australia


    More importantly, they've filled in a lot of gaps. All of the segments of road that I knew of that used to have no imagery now do (most noticeably, a few blocks of Albert St in Brisbane CBD used to be missing, plus a few streets near my home)

    Looks like the images were taken before Christmas last year - for Inner West Sydney. I had started to put up the Chrisy decorations on my house. Photos are very clear - except for the stitching on the top and bottom of the image. I note that faces and number plates have been blurred. It also thinks one of the head lights on my car needed blurring...

    Some of the imagery for rural areas appears better as well. I have relatives who live in Robinvale (not far from Mildura), and the Street View around that area looks more detailed. Also includes some smaller streets that weren't available before.

    Awesome... i remember following the streetview car home from a servo ages ago now.

    lol, the pictures of my place show it still up for rent (a little over 1.5 years ago). Then again, WA is usually last...

    Awesome! My parents were over visiting from the UK at the time (Xmas 2009) and commented on a strange looking car driving around the suburb. Lo and behold there's a picture of my Dad outside my house. LOL

    One thing I've noticed is that the cameras seem to have been mounted quite a bit higher than in the old pictures. To the point that you can clearly see over the high brush fence on my old house - exactly why a bunch of Britons bailed up a Google car in a cul de sac a few years ago.

    Oh yeah, the streetview around my place is a lot clearer. But it's still about 1 1/2 years old, as my old van is still parked in the driveway.

    I wonder if this is because Google have uploaded higher res versions of existing data, or if my area is one of the few still pending..

    AWESOME! my house and street looked SO drab in the last set of it's sunshiny and pretty :)

    My part of Perth (south east) is still running maps from 2008,138.555386&spn=0,0.013304&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=44.018459,54.492188&z=16&layer=c&cbll=-35.102182,138.555377&panoid=FCQ48sFMvc9YKrzuXamC9w&cbp=12,47.69,,1,11.81

      Hey - I think I know him - he owes me money!!!

    Heh. still old- it's my old car in the driveway (bought September last year) It's also bin day which is oddly amusing to me.

    Inner West Sydney

    The "new" photo of my house is still before I moved in (mid last year) ... and xmas decorations are up.

    So the "new" photos must be from December 2009!

    i noticed this today.. the pictures must be of a higher res. cause it looks better on the iphone than it used to. :)

      We get it, you have an iphone, so do a lot of people, you are nothing special.

    Not all "upgrades"... In my case the small Court I live in has gone from being driven down fully with low quality images, to being drive past... now with high quality images of the entrance... I guess they got lazy. I know it was a Thursday though... cause the bins are out - LOL

    Sad that our street, 104 Northampton Drive Glenfield NSW is still not on Google Maps

    Saw what looked like a Streetview car (pole mounted on top with four-directional cameras, but no Google logo) cruising around Subiaco/West Perth on Saturday. We were stopped at an intersection as it went past, so with any luck, my car got snapped. :)

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