Google Plus Nick Gives You A Short URL For Your Google+ Profile

Web app Google Plus Nick takes that long, awkward Google+ profile URL and turns it into a short, easy to remember address.

Just copy the numbers from your Google+ profile (click on your name to get the URL in your browser) and select your username (from 3 to 25 characters, no numbers or special characters). Then you can use that shorter link to direct people to your Google+ page. Handy!

Google Plus Nick [via The Next Web]


    But we still don't have google+ logins!

      Seconded. I want one dammit, and no one I know has one either.

    If you have a google profile URL of the form that re-directs to your Google+ page, not sure if that functionality will stick around though

      It appears that it is impossible to edit this link once you have setup a Google+ account - all the 'profile' links go to your new Google+ profile page, which doesn't have the option of setting a username. :(

    Thank you so much! I think it's interesting that you don't have the Google+ button on this article. :) Any reason?

    If you have your own domain (and access to setup redirects in a .htaccess file) you can setup a subfolder, eg "/+" that has a .htaccess file with the text:

    RedirectPermanent /+

    This will send anyone that visits to your Google+ page.

      Erm, that was supposed to read

      RedirectPermanent /+ [link to your google+ profile, for example]

    You can use , it's make vanity URL for your Google+ Profile like

    i have seen 2 more website for short gplus url and i think those are also good sites.

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