Google+ Invites Are Open Again

Google has re-enabled the invitation system for current Google+ users looking to invite friends, so if you have a friend who's made it into Google+, now's the time to ask for that invite. The Google engineers have requested that we avoid mass invites, so we won't be running a thread here, alas.


    My invite button seems to come and go, was there yesterday for a while, wasn't there this morning, but is back now.

      May be due to Google reaching capacity, then scaling up as needed?

    Google: Hello primary school. We've built a big bouncy castle right here on your school oval. But you MUST NOT get on it with anyone else.


      I know two people on google+ and they aren't people I hang out with.
      Open the gates so my friends can join!! It's lonely in here, even if it is cool!

      More like:
      "Hello every primary school in the country. We currently only have one bouncy castle, so only 20 can go on at a time. As more kids turn up, we'll inflate another castle."

    I have an invite, but when I get to the Google plus page it still says invites are closed this is only 90 minutes after the story was posted :(

    I got in yesterday. Annoyingly work has blocked all access to Google+ as being a "Personals and dating" site (WTF?).

    Most annoying part of that though, is all of my Google account settings have now been rolled into Google+, so I can't access ANY of it from work.

      That would suck for those behind corporate firewalls. Can understand why they would though. Lucky I work from home and I control my network :P

        Bizarrely they don't have a problem with staff accessing Facebook or Twitter though...

      Can't you just use a proxy for the time being?

    How are you supposed to use a social networking site when your friends cant sign up? Seems stupid to me.

      how are you supposed to use a social networking site when it goes down under the strain of too many new users?

    Still getting the "Google+ is in limited Field Trial" message when I follow my sign up links... FRUSTRATING!

      Same here :( Received invite from a friend but getting limited field trial message.

        If you can finally send invites, please send me one

    Gone again for me...

    Hey can I get an invite? sdodds (at gmail address)

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