Google Docs For Mobile Adds Sorting, Filtering, Multiple Docs Sharing

Google has updated Google Docs for mobile browsers with features that make working with a lot of docs easier: sorting, filtering and sharing.

You can now sort all of your Google Docs from the mobile site by name, modification date, or last date opened. Filtering or "narrow by" options include showing only files owned by you, starred, in specific collections, or of specific document type.

The checkboxes beside the docs allow you to easily select multiple files to share with other via email or a link.

To see these improvements yourself, go to from your mobile device.

Share your docs on the go with the improved Google Docs for mobile [Google Docs Blog]


    Why do the Google mobile sites seem to always have better features than the applications?
    I want the power on my device - don't want to have to go to a website!

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