GoodFishBadFish Helps You Find Sustainable Seafood Options

Fish is frequently recommended as a source of healthy protein, but ethical shoppers are often concerned about whether those fish have been sustainably sourced. GoodFishBadFish helps you identify whether a given species of seafood is likely to be fished out, and offers alternative suggestions for similar species available in Australia you can use in recipes calling for a potentially endangered species.

As well as the handy Seafood Converter feature offering those alternatives, the site also has general information on seafood and fishing practice. Are you worried about whether your seafood supply is sustainably sourced? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.



    Farmed fish is only a good alternative if you don't have enough antibiotics in your diet...

    I may be a bit cynical, but not eating fish isnt going to stop companies fishing them. Maybe this website is better aimed at the companies themselves.

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