Go From Temp To Permanent Worker By Becoming Part Of The Office Culture

Temporary workers used to have an easier time transitioning to full time, but with the tougher economy these positions really are more likely to be temporary. The Wall Street Journal offers strategies for improving your chances of getting hired full time or having your contract renewed.Photo via lululemon athletica.

Basically, do whatever you can to increase your visibility and create a positive impression in the office, whether it's through small gestures like replacing the office coffee with a gourmet blend or becoming a source of ideas for your boss. Perhaps most importantly, show up and act like you belong there:

Work your way into the everyday office culture so co-workers will think of you as a colleague and somebody they can rely on. Laurie Ruettimann, a human-resources professional from Raleigh, N.C., recommends participating in workplace functions like office parties, picnics and lunch outings.

Volunteer for company-supported activities like charity work. It helped Sailor Brown get a full-time job at financial-services firm E*Trade Financial in New York. A weekend March of Dimes event gave the 40-year-old executive assistant the opportunity to interact with her boss and co-workers in a casual setting. And it allowed them to connect the hard-working temp from the office with a real human being who's easy to get along with.

Being on the inside gives you an advantage over external candidates, WSJ says, but don't get complacent. Keep note of your accomplishments and prepare to either stay on or explore other options when your contract is up.

Make a Temp Job Last [Wall Street Journal]


    Every Friday we have Office Lotto, bets are taken over the three floors with a total prize cap of $500, with any excess, no matter how big or small gets donated to charity.

    It definitely got me noticed as I volunteered to be the official adjudicator, not to mention drawing the organizer's numbers randomly out of a pool of 25 numbers!

    Lets just say he had a hell of a weekend with his winnings :)

    Where i work we have heaps of temps come though. This is pretty good advice.

    But it does usually just come down to how well you get along with everyone. A good boss usually asks the rest of the staff..or can even tell if they're well received.

    Having a mullet, acting like a douche and having a creepy kind of 'i wouldn't let you near my kids' vibe doesn't help. (fact)

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