Get The Latest Android Market Before The Official Update Rolls Out

Google's rolling out an all-new, easy-to-browse Android Market over the next few weeks, but if you're impatient you can grab it for your phone right now.

If you want the official update, you'll have to wait until it rolls out for your device, but rooted users and impatient users can grab the leaked APK and install it on their phone just like any other app. Make sure you have the "Unknown Sources" box checked in Settings > Applications, and then just grab it from this MediaFire link. Transfer it to your phone and start it up, and it'll install itself over the old Market. You'll be able to access all the new features right now.

After a few minutes playing with it, I can say this: this is a great update. Not only is its Windows Phone-like interface great for browsing, it's also smooth as butter. Hit the link below to check it out, and let us know what you think of the new Market in the comments.

Android Market 3.0.26 [MediaFire via AddictiveTips]


    Appears you can also install it without root access... I have.

    Same, don't need root access. Looks good!

    HTC legend - root access not required

    But previous market was 3.56MB New market is ~7.3MB and in Google fashion no app2SD support. If your Low on space this upgrade will not help.

      Native apps2sd support in FroYo is next to useless anyway. It only moves the apk over, and no app data - and because it moves it to the FAT partition on your SD card - all your apps on the SD card are rendered useless if you mount your SD card via USB.

    doesnt need root at all

    Is it me or does it go a bit slowly? Sometimes it takes forever to show me my apps or any apps at all really..(HTC Desire Z)

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