Freeze Tomatoes To Easily Remove The Skins For Sauces And Soups

Freeze Tomatoes To Easily Remove The Skins For Sauces And Soups

The traditional method of blanching tomatoes to skin them for homemade sauces and soups can feel like a process. The Kitchn offers a quick alternative that eliminates the need to boil water and simplifies preparing a large batch: stick the tomatoes in the freezer.

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The folks at The Kitchn found this tip in David Tanis’ book Heart of the Artichoke, in which Tanis writes the skins of the frozen whole tomatoes will easily slip off when the tomato thaws on the counter. So you can save a lot of effort. Another bonus: you can preserve ripe tomatoes in the freezer until you have enough for a sauce or you’re ready to use them.

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  • Won’t that damage the cell walls, meaning that the flavour is released prematurely, meaning an inferior result?

    The reason that blanching and cooling is used to remove the skins of tomatoes is to avoid the as much of breakdown of the cellular structure as possible, until you’re ready for it to happen. This way you can either just soften them, keeping the majority of the cells intact, to burst when you bite into it, or you can either coat them in oil, to lock the highly water-soluable flavour molecules in, or you can add water so that you can concentrate them, without sending too many into the air.

    As is so often the case, this seems like an entirely unnecessary sacrifice of quality for convenience.

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