For The Record, MasterChef's Mat Beyer Was Cheating With An iPhone

Disgraced MasterChef contestant (and former IT worker) Mat Beyer got busted using a 32GB iPhone 3GS. And while he continues to maintain that he didn't use his phone for recipe searches, it turns out he's a big fan of Plants vs Zombies.

Our sibling site PopSugar interviewed Beyer this morning. As well as expanding on why he used the phone — his mum is a missing person — he also dismissed rumours that he had used the phone to play Angry Birds:

That’s not true! Plants vs. Zombies. And Doodle Jump. I don’t like Angry Birds, it really pisses me off. It’s really frustrating.

As a fellow Plants vs Zombies fan, I totally sympathise — but I still find it hard to believe no recipe-searching went on. Hit the link for the full interview.

Mat Beyer Didn't Want to Turn Into a MasterChef Sob Story [PopSugar]


    the title is a little bit deceptive don't you think? considering the last line is "still find it hard to believe no recipe-searching went on"

      He still broke the rules though.

    Enough already! This is Lifehacker, not a trash-TV gossip site!

      What Rich said.


    Why is it so hard to believe?

    From what I have read, there was an investigation and after checking his phone records they found he did not browse any websites for recipes etc.

    You've already decided that he cheated. I know the guy and he's not like that. He is really into cooking and has a good moral code. I know he would have been missing his girlfriend and when I worked with him he was texting or IMing her constantly.
    Try and keep an open mind about him, he's a good guy

      By having the phone he cheated. It's just a matter of how much. If he was just calling his GF, then yep, minor (but still moral support that the other contestants didn't have). Looking up recipes, well, the degree of cheating that is on a cooking show is up to interpretation.

        There's a difference between breaking the rules and cheating. Cheating is an emotive assessment of someone's character, behavior and intent. When you incur a penalty in football, you've broken the rules, but people rarely accuse you of cheating.

        The guy has been kicked off for breaking the rules. Leave it at that.

          Burn him at the stake!

          (or 'steak', if you want to use a rather humorous cooking pun)

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