Five Best Group To-Do Management Tools

Five Best Group To-Do Management Tools

Keeping track of your own to-dos is hard, but keeping track of shared to-dos and tasks with dependencies can be even more difficult. Here are the best tools to get the job done.Photo by Jay and Melissa Malouin.

The nominations this week were all over the map. A number of you use a wide variety of utilities and tools to manage group to-dos, whether the tool was built for that purpose or you’ve re-purposed a tool for the job. Here are the most popular.


Remember the Milk




There were a lot of nominations this week, so it’s no surprise some of your favourites weren’t included. Share them in the comments below and let us know why you use the app you like the most!


  • I loved Cozi for the calendar and shared to do lists. Getting a ‘week at a glance’ email amalgamating a couple of calendars is great too. But only if you’re desk-bound.

    All I need is someone to tell me how to get the Cozi Android app in Australia. Cozi website says it’s available. I’ve found it via the google apps store but when I come to purchase it via my phone – Can’t be done because I’m in Australia.

    I’m willing to be told it’s me doing something dumb!

  • Can someone please clarify the following quote from the RTM review – “and organise sequential tasks with dependancies”. How is this done because I haven’t been able to work out how to do this?

    • Sorry, I cannot find it – either. Most say, put numbers at start of task name, by hand, and make it sort them – a tedious and not very clean way.

      Perhaps, re-think, by dependencies?

  • Toodledo is what I use. I’d love something that could integrate nicely with Gmail though – most of my “tasks” start out as email threads. I end up with two “to do lists”: Toodledo, and the list of all starred emails in Gmail.

  • If you are looking for something more sophisticated than a simple to do list, something with resource management, dependencies, and in depth management tools, try Clarizen. I took a 30-day trial and it looks great.

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