Facebook Friend Exporter Imports Your Contacts Into Google+

Facebook Friend Exporter Imports Your Contacts Into Google+

You can import your Facebook friends into Google+ via Yahoo, but that’s a fiddly process. Chrome extension Facebook Friend Exporter potentially makes shifting friends across a little easier.

After installing the extension, an option to export your contacts appears next to your Home button on Facebook. You can export contact data either as a CSV file or directly into Gmail; the latter is obviously easier if you want to add those people into Google+.

The extension seems pretty experimental right now: it only works on English-language Facebook accounts, requires you to disable HTTP, and won’t necessarily work (it repeatedly hung for me just before getting through my list of friends). However, if you do want to move your Facebook community into Google+ and it works for you, it seems like an easy way to make the shift. Let us know how it goes for you in the comments. Update: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook has blocked the functionality of this extension. The developer says a new version is coming; we’ll keep you posted.

Facebook Friend Exporter


  • Random idea;

    Use Facebook mobile app to sync your contact information on your smart phone.

    Then, use Google Sync to get them into your Gmail contacts list.

    Finally, hit up Google+ and import from Gmail.

    Should work, and it’s all officially supported, no?

  • I am a bit annoyed I can’t get in on the action of Google Plus.
    All the tech sites I read keep rubbing my nose in it.

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, should a reporter report it?

    When it is launched to the public will it be talked about as much?
    Why… what is google’s the rationale?
    I don’t remember Facebook beta testing. Maybe with so many billion dollar intellectual property lawsuits no one will ever have the courage to go beyond beta.

    Can you sue a company during beta testing?

    • Facebook beta tested quite extensively — it was invite only and then .edu address only for a while IIRC. The rationale is not to roll it out too widely and bring Google’s infrastructure to its knees, essentially.

  • Similar thing happened with gmail don’t forget – for a while invites were like hen’s teeth, then before you knew it you couldn’t give them away 🙂 This seems kind of worse but maybe it’s because there are so many more tech sites flaunting their google plus memberships in our faces 😛

  • To anyone that wants to try google+

    1. goto Twitter
    2. search “want Google+ invite”
    3. ask any number of people offering to give them away for one nicely
    4. take a chance giving out ur gmail (lol)
    5. enjoy Google+ access

    takes about 5-20 minutes.

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