Enable Direct2D And DirectWrite Hardware Acceleration For Better Graphics Performance In Firefox

With a few about:config tweaks, you can turn on Firefox's built-in hardware acceleration and improve both graphical performance and the look of your fonts.

If you have a decent graphics card (DirectX 10-capable) and Windows 7 (or Windows Vista with the Vista Platform Upgrade), you can make graphics processing a bit more efficient with these tweaks:

  1. Type about:config into your address bar and promise Firefox you'll be careful.
  2. Type render in the search box, and find the following two keys:


  3. Double click on the gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled entry so that it's set to true.
  4. Double-click on the mozilla.widget.render-mode entry and set the value to 6. If you can't find this key, right-click anywhere in the window, hit to New > Integer, set it's name to mozilla.widget.render-mode, and value to 6.
  5. Restart Firefox

Now, you should notice that your fonts look a little bit nicer, and certain pages (like Google Maps) move a little bit smoother. To revert back, just go back into about:config, disable gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled, and set mozilla.widget.render-mode to -1. Hit the link below to read more.

How to Enable Direct2D & DirectWrite Hardware Acceleration in Mozilla Firefox [Tweaking with Vishal]


    i cant find the mozilla.widget.render-mode. and im using ff5. would i still get a change if i changed the gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled to true?

      I also have the same question.

      Also, what about win xp users. Tweaking these options will give them any benefit?

      Article says to create the mozilla entry if it doesnt exist so just create it. As for XP, direct2d was only implemented in windows 7 and was back ported to vista due to there similar code. xp does not support this technology. see here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd370990%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

    This feature was already enabled on my Firefox 5, without any of the configuration (according to the Troubleshooting page). I suspect that these features are now enabled by default, where supported.

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