efTwo Supercharges Find On Browser Pages

Chrome: On long pages such as forum posts, it’s often a good idea to use Control-F to find the material you want, but it’s not a very flexible approach. Chrome extension efTwo automatically searches for additional inflections and multiple instances, so looking for ‘replace’ also searches for ‘replaces’, ‘replacing’ and ‘replaced’ and lets you quickly navigate between occurences.

Once installed, hit the F2 key (geddit?) and enter your search terms. All examples on the page will be highlighted, you’ll see a total of the number found in efTwo’s search box, and you can use the arrows to navigate between results. The inflection detection works in both directions, so searching for ‘eating’ will also find ‘eat’ and ‘eats’.

All in, efTwo is a handy addition to your search arsenal. It’s a free extension for Chrome.

efTwo [Chrome Web Store]


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