Dodo Offers Unlimited Broadband Without Bundling, But It’s Still Iffy

Dodo Offers Unlimited Broadband Without Bundling, But It’s Still Iffy

Dodo is one of the handful of companies which offers an unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service, but one of its main issues is that you could only get it bundled with a Dodo home phone service, for which the rates were (and are) fairly uncompetitive. Dodo is now offering the unlimited broadband package on its own with no bundling requirement in selected locations. That makes a cheaper deal, but it’s still not necessarily a good choice.

You can only find out if you’re eligible for the no-bundle deal by entering your phone number into Dodo’s site (though metro locations seem the main target). Assuming you are, then $39.90 for effectively unlimited internet might sound like an appealing deal, but there’s some important caveats.

As a quick search around Lifehacker, Whirlpool, the TIO site or the web in general will reveal, Dodo has a pretty poor reputation when it comes to customer service. Having an unlimited option isn’t much help if there are problems it takes an age to fix. You’re also on a 24-month contract, which limits your flexibility.

More importantly, Dodo throttles your connection if you’re using any kind of BitTorrent client or other peer-to-peer activity. Realistically, most people who are using hundreds of gigabytes a month are doing so because of torrenting. If you fall into that category, Dodo is a poor choice.

We noted yesterday that the average Australian only uses 6GB a month, but in the comments to that post some readers said they consumed hundreds of gigabytes by watching hi-def streaming video. If you fall into that category and don’t care about torrenting, the Dodo offer might be worth considering, I suppose. But think very carefully before you commit.

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  • The bad thing with these cheap ISP is crapshoot for the service. You either get good speeds and a stable connection or you are on a connection slower than a snail.

    But again I am with TPG and loving it.

    • @Angus and Bleh. I’m happily sitting her typing while my P2P is ticking away in the background at 800kBytes/s to 1.2Mbytes/sec (approx 6.4Mbits to 9.6Mbits/sec). This is pretty close to my maximum linespeed (Hughesdale, Vic area). Before you critisize P2P speeds, see how many torrents you have running simultaneously. Learn to QUEUE them and you’ll find you get much higher speeds. More time spent learning about what your actually doing and less spent bitching based on your own ignorance would be a good idea 😉

    • It does so throttle. Speeds are at about 30kb, you can’t even upload above 10kb. I even had the person from dodo say to me upon sign up that the don’t throttle but obviously they lied!

  • I write a real time streaming product for my job, and the number of support calls we get from Dodo users alone means that I would never consider them as a provider for any of their offering (that includes their newer ventures such as electricity).

  • i agree with most of you,as soon as you try to download you seem to lose connection,but if i only
    look at web sight’s i can stay connected all day long.dodo has to be the biggest rip off.they tried
    to say it was my modem so i got a expert it to check and he said dodo was cutting back my downloads as my computer was still conected to the i will be changing my service provider
    and they can stick there early cancel fee as i will not pay as thay have not lived up there agrement

  • I have had the unlimited account with dodo for over a year and the ONLY trouble I have had is the connection drops out sometimes but it has always came back on. The LONGEST outage I have had because of this problem has been several hours but they USUALLY last no longer than 1\2 hour and there seem to be on average about 3 outages in about 1 month.
    I am aware a lot of people have had problems with dodo’s tech support but I have never had to use tech support as I am pretty tech savay and can fix most if not all of my computer and internet problems but these outages are either at the exchange, dodo’s network or optus’s network (dodo uses optus’s hops) or somewhere in between. I did have some trouble during the initial sign up but that was because when I moved into this place the phone line was disconnected from the exchange, but my service was up and running in about 3 1/2 weeks.
    At $40 a month with a land-line phone, considering the rest of the country is stuck on quotas this is a damn good deal.
    I do torrent but have not noticed any throttling. My average speeds for torrents are about 275 kB/s to 300 kB/s. It could be higher but I try to reserve some bandwidth for other internet related activity like browsing. Sometimes it appears like I’m being throttled when a torrent has thousands of seeds and I’m getting a slow speed but this is more than likely related to the peers I’m uploading to, and the swarm itself and even then I average about 60 kB/s to 120 kB/s. When the average speed of torrents gets below 20 kB/s this is almost always related to having not many seeders for the torrent (usually 2-10 seeders). All in all my torrent download speeds are about what I had with Charter Communications (an American ISP) when I lived in America. In fact some days it seems faster. Some months I download over 1tb through torrents with no problems. Seriously those people who think dodo throttles p2p should learn how p2p works and in particular bit torrent. And why your at it lean how ADSL works if your not getting good speeds, maby you have line noise (don’t take somone elses work for it no matter how much degrees they have, you either hear line noise on your phone or you don’t) or maby your too far from the nearest exchange? Either way if I haven’t had any serious trouble in over a year with dodo and download all I do through them, all in all they are a good ISP.

    • I have been with dodo for 2 years now. The first year was perfect downloading 800-1100 via bitcommet. At some stage it changed overnight and would never again go over 300kbs. I also started getting regular dropouts which meant taking even longer to download. I just signed up again at a new house, the reason? Its cheap. First 2 days 800-1100 and now 4 daysw into it im back at 400kbs max. I know there are a million factors but I also know something funnyIis going on. I would still rathet wait 2 or 3 times longer vs paying $30+ more per month with other isps. It should just own up to its problems and be a budget isp, cause its crazy to pretend their anything else.

      • Dodo is a bad company i had so much problems got sucked in to paying a 300 bill then spoke to manager who didnt really care i cryed i was that stressed and this was a week before xmas. Now my landline wont go sometimes people say they ring me but cant get through. And i now my internet is cutting out ive had anuf so me and my partner are going to pay the $300 and end the contract as soon as we got anuf money. Very un happy with this service

  • Dodo are criminals and overcharging monkeys. Stay well away from any dealings with this shonky company, course you could always phone them up and when you finally get connected tell the Indian monkey on the other end of the line that where you live bananas are on special.

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