Do Not Let Your Unused Gadgets Get This Dusty

Do Not Let Your Unused Gadgets Get This Dusty

Memo to my colleague Mark at Kotaku: dust is not good for your gadgets. We have plenty of advice on clearing it, whether that’s from the inside of your PC or just wiping down an unloved 3DS. [Kotaku]


    • Read up on the recent news regarding the 3DS – its a handheld console held up by one string, being its 3D gimmick.

      Many of the upcoming games for it were recently cancelled, and it costs more money than it is worth compared to other or older handheld console.

      Gratitude has no place here – it’s all buyer’s remorse.

    • Its a 6 year old handheld with a 3D screen, and the games are designed for 5 year olds who don’t get bored of repetitive gameplay.

      The only proper current generation handheld is the PSP, and the Vita is coming out soon so I’m not surprised people are having buyer’s remorse.

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