Demand For Android Developers Still Growing

Demand For Android Developers Still Growing

Canny developers have made a lot of money building iPhone apps in the last couple of years, and Android now looks to be heading in a similar direction. The latest evidence?’s analysis of job postings on its site has Android as the fastest-growing category for mobile app development.

Postings for Android projects in Q2 were up 20% compared to the first three months of the year, making it the third-fastest growing category in’s listings overall (behind HTML5 and Google AdSense projects). That said, iPhone skills are still much in demand, with a higher total volume of posts (2985) than for Android (1702).


  • As someone who has developed for all 3 platforms (Andy, iOS and WP7), Android is the worst to develop for in terms of the tools and development process.

    Eclipse is a horrible IDE, and the lack of proper visual tools is a major setback.
    WP7 is the most pleasant, for what it’s worth.

    That being said, most developers are mercenaries who go where the market is and where the money is. Android is picking up so much steam lately, and ICS is going to REALLY kick it up a notch, so I don’t doubt the desirability to devs is going to go through the roof soon.

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