Create A 'To Stop' List To Get More Done

Creating to-do lists can become a compulsive habit as it helps us feel organised. The problem is, just because we put it on a list doesn't mean we're going to do it. We often get stopped up during the day by tasks that suck away our time. To get rid of these productivity-killing tasks, put them on a "to stop" list.

This idea comes from healthy living blog Zen Habits. They suggest creating a list of all the things that are wasting your time and draining your energy. Rather than concentrating on what you have to get done, concentrating on knocking a thing or two off of your "to stop" list. The idea is that when you eliminate these problem tasks, you won't necessarily need your to-do lists because you'll have the time and energy to remember them and get them done.

Seven Productivity Tips For People That Hate GTD [Zen Habits via Reddit]


    Should this list include not browsing Lifehacker during work hours? :-)

      Haha, beat me to it.

      ... but then we wouldn't have gotten the advice to stop browsing Lifehacker in the first place...


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