Conquer Your Cable Clutter With An Extra Sock

There is an alternate universe that claims our socks after we put them in the dryer, leaving us with an orphaned member of the pair. What can you do with that extra sock? Home and lifestyle blog Real Simple suggests you use it as a cable organiser.

All you need to do is cut off the toe at the end of the sock to essentially create a fabric tube that can keep all your cables together while still giving them a little breathing room. To be extra safe, just keep the sock away from any electrical outlets or the base of the plugs.

2 Clever Ways to organise Your Cords [Real Simple]


    Nice - I like it :)

    Another alternative may be if you're a skinny jeans wearer (Note: I'm not), you could use the leg of an old pair.

    Oh cool, you could also use the whole sock to store cables in! just leave an end dangling so you know which is which..! #]

    Is this a fire hazard? Looks dangerous to me.

      Probably only if you have substandard grade F wiring from the 40s.

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