Confirmed: OS X Lion Hits Mac App Store Shelves Tomorrow

According to Apple's Peter Oppenheimer, speaking on today's earnings call, Mac OS X Lion - as rumoured - will go on sale tomorrow. You'll be able to download it at the Mac App store for $31.99. Unless, uh, you'd rather take a pass.


    and the day after the internet slows to a crawl :)

    Why do we have to pay more? Our Dollar is stronger than USD!!!

      Albert US Price doesn't include Tax the australian price does

        The list price for Lion on the app store is the price a US iTunes account holder will pay.

    What, now it's $31.99? Seriously, what's going on. Also, is the launch for Oz actually tonight or tomorrow? There's a post on this site saying it's tonight, but this one says tomorrow.

      Apple hasn't specified an exact time other than US Wednesday. Could be late Wednesday night or early Thursday AM for Australia.

    Now it's $31.99!
    For an OS!
    .....oh wait.... that's really cheap.


      Not sure I'd call it 'an OS'. Not an entire OS.

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