Chrome Extension Adds Facebook Events To Google Calendar

Chrome: The Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar extension adds an "Add to Calendar" link to any event on Facebook, opening your GCal with all the event info copied over when clicked. You can edit the event before it is added to your calendar.

We've showed you how to add Facebook events to Google Calendar before, but that method involves copying and pasting URLs. This extension saves enough time to make it worthwhile installing.

Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar [Chrome Web Store via MakeUseOf]


    Google Calendar
    Reminder: First 500,000 attendees get FREE FACEBOOK HOODIE!! @ Mon Jul 25 12am-12am (Primary Calendar)

    Google Calendar
    Reminder: Not punching a cop coz ur a respectful **** @ Mon Jul 25 12am-12am (Primary Calendar)

    No thanks. No Facebook event has ever been useful to me

      So, um, don't respond to those ones? Remove them from your events.

        (Original comment added for comedic effect)


    Why would you do this? Far easier to do this (

    I have not too much time to go to facebook because i am so busy .this extension make me don't miss every evets of facebook.I think that i will transfer from avant browser to chrome in the future

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