Buffer Schedules News You Want To Tweet Without Annoying Your Followers

Chrome: Buffer is a webapp that lets you schedule and publish articles and links that you want to share with friends on Twitter on a schedule so that you don't annoy your followers and make them want to unfollow you.If you're a heavy Twitter user, or just use it to share links and news with friends, it's tempting to re-post multiple articles as you find them, back to back. Buffer lets you add them to a queue, and posts to your account over a period of time so you don't inadvertently spam anyone.

Buffer is free for 10 items in your buffer. For more powerful tools or more posts or items stored, you can sign up for the $US10/month pro account or $US30/month premium account.



    Why not just use Tweetdeck to schedule the update?

    The button is just there...

    right next to "Send" ...

    For those serial-link-tweeters, Use it, please...

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