Blazing Fast Remote Download And Video Streaming Tool Officially Launches

Blazing Fast Remote Download And Video Streaming Tool Officially Launches, which we covered two months ago when it was in beta, has officially launched as a fast and efficient remote BitTorrent and web downloading tool. allows you to download files to their servers at speeds typically between 10-20Mb/s, much faster than most home internet connections.

There are many services that do this, but what sets apart is that it also allows you to stream downloaded videos; in effect you could watch a ten minute-long video from a BitTorrent download almost as quickly as you could on YouTube. All you have to do is copy and paste the link from the download site.

The launch version of adds a few impressive features such as automatic extraction for .zip files and release of the public API for 3rd party developers, but it suffers from one huge drawback: the free membership no longer supports BitTorrent downloads, by far the most popular type of file used with the site.

Prices for premium memberships start at $US3.95/mo for 20GB of download space and 40GB of streaming data per month up to $US15.95/mo for 100GB download/200GB streaming. If you do a lot of streaming you can also purchase one-time chunks of extra bandwidth for $US5/50GB. The free version gives you 2GB download storage and 4GB/mo of streaming bandwidth. The free version is supported with a small unobtrusive Adwords box.

Yesterday the webapp officially launched and was greeted with a DDoS attack that shut the site down for six hours, but it appears to be back up and running now. Cloud Storage and Media [via The-Full-Works blog*]


  • Just keep on using lightning fast newsgroups.. and if you are smart you will get a premium membership that includes 256-bit SSL and VPN access in the membership…

    I mean.. sure, the remote server downloads the resource but then you still need to stream or download it to your own computer to watch it.. so in the end, it’s your connection to them that will slow things down.

    So just cut out the middle man and use newsgroups.

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