BBC To Rent Doctor Who Episodes Through Facebook

BBC To Rent Doctor Who Episodes Through Facebook

Options for renting media online aren’t exactly thick on the ground down under, so this is welcome news: the BBC is going to begin renting episodes of Doctor Who via Facebook from tomorrow.

Here’s the detail direct from the BBC Worldwide press release:

By using Facebook credits, users visiting the official Doctor Who page will be able to stream a selection of nine stories (each containing several episodes) from the history of the Time Lord, including digitally remastered classics such as ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’ as well as modern day favourites ‘Silence in the Library’ and ‘End of the World’. ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ will be a Facebook exclusive, having never been released on DVD.

After downloading, the episodes will be available for 48 hours. Here’s hoping a few other BBC classic brands hit the list as well. Which shows would you like to see available?


  • Sometimes I stick my head in on the world of streaming/catchup TV and whenever I do I run away fast.
    It expires in 14 days? Why? Do you have to return the bits so they can be reused to make new files?
    If they’re trying to protect some other revenue stream (like DVD sales or something), why not limit you to X right-through playbacks or something that doesn’t evaporate if you buy an episode to watch and then happen to forget about it for a few days.
    Again, the pirates/fans offer a vastly superior service using their volunteer labor and the fundamentals of the Internet, and they don’t even want any money for it.

  • The “renting” nonsense aside, why would they force you to use Facebook? While there are a great many people who do use it, there are also a lot who don’t. And a Facebook exclusive‽

    Catch up services are great, but rather than renting a single show I’d rather buy the DVD box set (and rip to my PMP).

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