ABS Spotlight Generates Personal Infographics For Aussies

ABS Spotlight Generates Personal Infographics For Aussies

Australia’s next census is on August 9. To promote participation, the ABS has rolled out a neat webapp that asks you for personal information and then uses data from the last census to generate a series of infographics comparing you to the population at large.The site includes jaunty music and an amusing narration by Shaun Micallef, but you can work through it sound-free if you prefer. Data generated includes telling you how many buses it would take to move everyone in your postcode, how many people share your birthday and whether your job is more or less common than being a prison officer. It’s an amusing diversion, and a useful way of getting a sense of perspective in your place in the global community. You can also share your results on Facebook, Twitter or via Google +1.



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