4×4 Earth Lists 4WD Tracks Across Australia

4×4 Earth Lists 4WD Tracks Across Australia

Whining about idiots who deploy four-wheel drive vehicles in the suburbs is an Australian national hobby. If you do own a 4WD, you should want to take it off-road. 4×4 Earth lists 4WD tracks around the country, letting you find locations where your vehicle actually makes sense.

You can search for nearby locations by postcode, and see tracks ranked by difficulty. The site uses the Google Earth plugin to show 3D renderings of the tracks, or you can see a conventional roadmap version. Other features on the site include search facilities for camp sites, 4WD specialist mechanics and insurance policies.

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  • “…If you do own a 4WD, you should want to take it off-road…”

    Don’t want to incite a flame-war here; but I’ve always maintained that private vehicles the size/shape/gross weight of most 4WDs such as ie BMW X5s, Ford Territories etc should have their own licence class. I say “size/shape/gross weight” because we’re beginning to see more vehicles of this size that are only 2WD these days. To really keep the Toorak Tractors off the road, you could have a driving test for such a licence class, which would involve prove your capabilities to drive off road.

    I got no problem with large 4WD vehicles being on the road for those who use them for their intended purpose – but with bonnet height being squarely at head height for occupants of standard sedans, they become death on wheels for other motorists (not to mention a bitch to see past when you’re at an intersection and one pulls up on your right. How are you supposed to give way if you can’t see what’s bloody coming?)

    • I am a 4WD owner and regularly use it off-road. The rest of the time it is used as the daily driver for my wife. I am totally perplexed why anyone would buy a 4WD for the sake of it (e.g. Soccer Mums) due to the sheer cost. I am all for a secondary licence. I always pull up a couple of meters back from a give way area so that the car can see around me. I know I’m obstructing their view. I can see over the top, no big deal for me.

      Most of the people we travel off road with agree there should be a licence. I understand some people need 4wd’s for towing as well and I think that there isn’t enough regulation around that either. Watching people trying to reverse their trailers at the rubbish tip is a great past time! Licence that as well.

      • The council could make a fortune by setting up a webcam to stream the antics of cubicle dwellers in their shiny Prados trying to reverse their trailers of green waste at the tip…. I’d buy a subscription to that comedy channel in a heartbeat.

      • I totally agree Ben and Sam. I own a huge old Landcruiser and it gets used for a bit of everything, both on and off road. I would be happy to see the introduction of an additional licence class, but then again I’m regarded as a bit of a nutter by my friends as I’d like to see compulsory retesting every 5 years for all drivers.

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