Zetro Brings Windows 8's Metro-Style Interface To Windows 7

Windows: Microsoft's Metro UI, which graces both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, is pretty snazzy, and if you're sick of the Aero look, you can bring the Metro UI to Windows 7 with the Zetro theme.

The Zetro theme takes a few steps to install, but it's pretty simple. Just download the theme from the DeviantART link below, and extract the zip file somewhere. Then follow the instructions in the Readme file, which basically consist of two steps:

  1. Opening the Extras folder, running the Theme Patcher, and clicking on all three "patch" buttons contained within.
  2. Opening the Theme folder and copying both of the files inside it to C:WindowsResourcesThemes.

When you're done, you can head to the Control Panel and "Change the Theme" under Appearance and Personalization. The Zetro theme should be under "Installed themes". The readme also mentions a few more advanced tweaks that fix a few small oddities, but aren't really necessary.

The theme itself is a bit shocking at first, what with all the white space, but after a few minutes of getting used to it I rather liked it. Its simplicity would probably look great on a netbook or other smaller device, and if you couple it with something like the Metro-inspired Omnimo 4 theme for Rainmeter, you could have a pretty snazzy looking desktop going on. Hit the link to see more screenshots, and to give it a go on your machine.

Zetro UI [DeviantART via NirmalTV.com]



    i do NOT understand how rainmeter works, at all...i hatr not being able to figure out a seemingly simple skinning interface

    Sorry, but that looks god awful.

      It does. But it should not be taken as any sort of representation of what Windows 8/Metro will look like.

        Seconded. I worry that people would see this and think 'eugh, that's what Windows 8 will look like?!'

    Interesting... this looks nothing like win8 Metro... or anything like anything in win8.. and my reaction is, this looks a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT BETTER. win 8 is a bunch of blank templates with different sized text. this theme uses aligned blocks of color, and interesting outlines to portray areas. this is, overall a better design than win8

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