"You Don't Get Sh!t You Don't Ask For"

"You don't get shit you don't ask for." ~ Jason Freedman

This quote is the title of a blog post by Jason Freedman, one of the founders of FlightCaster. The post details how Freedman requested concrete favours from several investors that turned him down when he was raising money for his company. In many cases, these investors helped. Why? Because he asked.

Just because you ask doesn't mean you'll get what you want, but you definitely won't get it by staying silent. Freedman also suggests that it helps to make your request very concrete, don't abuse anyone's assistance, be sure to help others when you're asked, and always say thank you. For more about getting the shit you ask for, be sure to check out Freedman's full post on humbledMBA.

You don't get shit you don't ask for [humbledMBA]


    The squeaky wheel gets the oil!!

      If you had a good preventative maintenance plan to begin with, the wheel wouldn't squeak in the first place.

        Still doesn't change the dynamic of the "saying"! and it is an old "saying"....

        but that "good preventative maintenance plan" would also involve oiling the wheel. so applying the same principle to getting what you want, you still have to ask. either way, you ask.

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