What’s The Most Important Thing You Own?

What’s The Most Important Thing You Own?

You probably own lots of things that you love, but what one item means the most to you or do you get the most value from?

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This question is inspired by a post at Whole Living which recounts how getting a bike changed one person’s life and deepened her relationship with physical activity.

For you, the most important thing you own might be something that helps you earn a living or de-stress, it might be your home, something sentimental, or a pet, perhaps. We’re curious, Lifehackers, what’s your prized possession? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

[via Whole Living]


  • Thats an easy one. . . being a graphic artist and production/factory manager. . . my computer.
    Well, more specifically, my home pc, work pc and my WP7.

  • Haha, I gonna go with the same answer as warcroft (WoW/Tomb Raider hybrid?) since not only did I build my own PC but I also am a Web Designer in training. So it’s my connection and expression. Yes this is a home PC by the way.

    • WoW/Tomb Raider hybrid? lol, I get that a lot.
      Ive been using warcroft as my gamer tag for many many years. Its a shortened version of the family name ‘Wolstencroft’.

  • I live on my laptop- it represents my connection to the internet, photos, music, emails, facebook, documents, projects and other writings.

    Bed- eh. it’s nice, but I’ll sleep elsewhere often. (floor, couch, whatever)

    It would be nice to have the kind of relationship with my bike that I had when I was 12 with my red BMX, but I don’t see it happening soon.

    my car is pretty special too.
    Our dog is the first thing I’d grab if the house was burning though.

  • Orangey Kee-kee, a childhood toy of mine from many years ago. (It’s a rubber ball about 8″ across that when squeezed, makes a squeaky whistling noise that scares cats. It’s blue. That’s why it’s called Orangey. No, really, it is indeed orange.) Some people travel with garden gnomes or journals. I travel with Orangey Kee-kee, which has been juggled by gate agents, bowled down the aisle of an aircraft by a flight attendant, and welcomed by name to an airport by another flight attendant after landing. Orangey Kee-kee reminds me of who I am, and reminds me that no matter what corporate kudos are showered upon me (or not) from week to week, sometimes simple things can be very satisfying.

  • My main desktop and the internet connection. I’ve done sleeping on the floor for a year, and it’s not too bad. I’ve tried living without a fridge, and it just meant lots of long-life food like pasta and tinned items. going without my blackberry would be hard, but doable.

    My computer, is my job, my entertainment (movies/tvs), and my main link to a whole bunch of friends. The last time I was without a computer for an extended period was in 2006 because I was at a remote site for a few months. In the end I scavenged enough parts to build a p2 with 32mb ram and ran damn small linux on it over dialup, because books/exercise couldn’t fill every evening by themselves.

  • At the risk of being labelled a copycat…my bike. It’s my adventure machine, the thing that takes me into strange locations at strange times and gets me home safely. I’ve been on lots of car trips and never felt a bond with my car. But on my bike I’m reminded of the various crashes, the time I had to ride 4 hours through thick fog to get home after an epic ride, the time I took it to the Himalayas, even just the commutes…

  • Personally, the most important thing that I own would be a Bible…

    Before you dismiss this comment, here’s my resoning:

    Firstly, ‘importance’ is a subjective term here, but… from a historical point of view, the Bible has been one of the most influential books in the world. It is intertwined with human history, and has recorded and been behind many events which have changed the history of the world. Personally, it has also been influential in my own world-view… If ‘an idea’ truly is one of the most potent things in the world, then this book is full of potency… Hence, It’s the most important thing that I own, much more important than a mode of transport or piece of technology.

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