Want To Boost Your Team’s Intelligence? Recruit More Women

Want To Boost Your Team’s Intelligence? Recruit More Women

Confirming many people’s suspicions: Having more women — or more socially conscious people — in a group may make the team smarter, according to a recent study.

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The research found that group intelligence, as tested by several team tasks and complex problem-solving, has relatively little to do with individual team members’ intelligence; teams that had members with higher IQs didn’t have much higher group intelligence scores. But group intelligence did increase for teams that included more women. The researchers say this might be explained by differences in social sensitivity, as women typically score higher on those measures.

Taken more broadly, more social sensitivity (whether female or male) and overall diversity may increase group collaboration and make teams perform better. For teamwork and group intelligence, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts — depending on the parts.

Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women [Harvard Business Review]


  • Wow, you have to love some of the carp these academic hermits publish. I just sure hope tax money is not funding groups such as this one and is spent on research that is factual and ‘helps’.

    • I don’t see what makes this study so “carp”.

      From a management and human resources perspective this is a useful finding for strategic and effective formation of project teams. While the result itself isn’t exactly groundbreaking, at least its a form of qualitative evidence of these teamwork models.

      I mean, doesn’t it make sense? When was the last time you were in a group that worked poorly? I’ve got to admit, for me the people in that group weren’t the most sociable types.

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