Use Office Space More Efficiently With Binder Clips

Use Office Space More Efficiently With Binder Clips

We’re always keen to see handy ways to use binder clips. Reader alisneaky makes use of a clip to create extra filing space in thin air.

Here’s what he did in his own words:

Screw a foldback clip to your desk to create a document holder which is off the desk. That means you’re using space that you never had — air space!

That won’t work with enormous heavy documents, but is great for a handful of papers you need to refer to. In a similar vein, alisneaky has also rigged up speakers upside-down in the top part of his desk, making better use of the available space:

Neither hack is complicated, but both represent a neat way to get more use out of a standard generic computer desk. Thanks alsisneaky!


  • I too have used binder clips in the office.

    With the cold weather in Melbourne that makes a jacket a necessity, there was no where to hang it near my desk and I was tired of it falling off the back of my chair all the time.

    The book case next to my desk is the perfect height to hang it from but I had no way to do it till I saw others use binder clips to hold power cords etc from desks.

    So a trip to the stationary cupboard and a few seconds later I now have a coat rack which can be taken away once the weather in Melbourne decides to get warmer!


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