Use Facebook At Work Without Anyone Knowing

You've probably still got a lot of photos from the weekend to catch up with on Facebook. I'm sure your supreme overlords are mean about time theft too. Give Excellbook a try, which effectively turns Facebook into a spreadsheet. [Be Stupid At Work via TheNextWeb]


    Its so stupid that even the link doesn't work.

    The link works, but it is stupid. Doesnt look particularly like any version of Excel for windows (Mac maybe, but I think work staff are smart enough to recognise the company's own software)... secondly, its in spanish...

    dont waste your time with it.

    Also, the only way it works without anyone knowing is if anyone doesn't include the guy with the password for your office proxy. And it doesn't help if that guy has thought to tick the block social networks option.

    sushigun works quite well.

      blocked for me :(

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