Use A Gaming Mouse To Be More Productive While Working

Use A Gaming Mouse To Be More Productive While Working
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If you take a gaming mouse and set its customisable buttons to things like copy, paste, delete, “next tab” or a window-switcher, you can seriously upgrade your own work-time productivity by allowing yourself to get more done with every click.

Photo via nSeika.

As Unplggd argues, gaming mice aren’t just for gaming: they can be put to use outside the battle zone, too. A gaming mouse usually has better tracking (which makes for smoother cursor movement) and several customisable buttons, so why not take all that and apply it to regular computer work? Hit the link for some thoughts on useful shortcuts to assign to your mouse.

Use Gaming Mice to “GTD”: The More Buttons, the Better [Unplggd]


  • Yes I’m thinking of replacing my work mouse with a G9 as it turns out I have a G9 on both my home computers and the work mouse feels cheap and crappy after the home leetness.

  • Spectacular article right before tax time. I just bookmarked this… I’m considering grabbing a Razer Naga, and this is appropriate justification to claim it off tax. 😀

  • I use a G9 everywhere. Infact I own 4. Especially like the different modes. My office mode has macro button one set to mute/unmute and macro button two to minimise the current window. Don’t forget to get the right mouse pad.

  • I’ve already replaced the crappy 2 button stock Dell mouse at work (which was also uncomfortable in my hand) with a spare Microsoft IntelliMouse I had laying around. Worthwhile just for the sheer ergonomics of it (I haven’t bothered programming any of the buttons, they’d hardly get used).

    Typically, I prefer to work with the keyboard and using shortcuts as much as possible. Far faster and more efficient in my opinion, but the article does raise a good point! Especially if you’re using a computer for 7.5+ hours at work a day vs less than 2-3 hours a day at home!

  • I’m a huge fan of the G9 at home, but use a G5 at work (just what I had lying around).

    I’ve mapped the Forward and Back thumb buttons to Enter and Backspace on both mice – it’s amazing how much easier it is to make small edits to text like this, and you can still go back (or up, which is generally more useful anyway) in browsers & file managers.

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