Turn A Drink Can Tab Into A Fish Hook

So you're out on the lake, and you've remembered to bring the beer but forgotten the food. Luckily, you can snag yourself a couple of fish by fashioning your can tab into a fish hook.

Whether you're on the run trying out escape Skynet's army or you've just forgotten the hooks on your weekly fishing trip, don't despiar. With just a sharp tool (some wire cutters would be ideal) you can turn any drink can tab into a hook worthy of catching a small fish. If you're doing this project at home, a file can help you hone the hook to a nice, sharp point. You can even tie a line around the other end of the tab. It's one of those really cool projects you don't think you'll need, but could come in really handy during a bout of forgetfulness (or the inevitable zombie attack). Hit the link for more details.

Turn a Can Tab into a Survival Fish Hook [Instructables]


    Really Whitson!!... This is a very silly post.. definitely not worthy of "LH"...

    Huge hook with a very small opening. What kind of mutant fish do you think will be suicidal enough to be caught on that?

    I also don't see the fish getting off the hook if they managed to get caught!

    Does the person who wrote this know anything about fishing and how hooks work????

    Clearly not a fisherman, Whitson?

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