Toshiba's Honeycomb Tablet Hits Australia At The End Of June

We love Android tablets running Honeycomb, so new competitors are always welcome. Toshiba today announced that its AT100 tablet will hit Australian shelves at the end of the month, selling for $579.

The AT100 has a 10.1 inch screen, USB, HDMI and SD Card slots, dual camera (2MP front and 5MP rear), and stereo speakers. For frequent travellers, an additional 6-cell battery (priced at $79.95) is a nice inclusion that hasn't yet been widely duplicated in the tablet market. No word yet on carrier deals, and given Toshiba's lack of existing relationships in that space, it might be reasonable to assume that outright buy will be the main model.

I'm still a big fan of the 7-inch form factor for tablets, but in the larger-screen space, this looks like an interesting competitor to the Galaxy Tab 10.1v and the Motorola Xoom. Tempted?


    I'd like the bezel reduced and the screen increased to about 11.5 please!

    Not good enough to be a competitor for the Acer A500? :-)

    Why so much dearer that the US price?

      Because we live in gods own country....

      Because apparently when our economic is 'doing well' they think its ok to charge us more. plus america chucks on taxes and tariffs and shit. I'm in Mexico at the moment and everything coming from america gets special 'taxes' added

    It appears that we might only be getting the 32GB model under the AT100 banner, and not the cheaper 16GB and 8GB models. The $579 price tag is the same as for the 32GB model in the US. It is a pity that Toshiba don't seem to be giving us the same range, as I would rather buy the cheaper 16GB model and use SD storage to expand it as necessary.

    Still, there is always Amazon . . . .

    Hold up. Probs with waking from sleep and power issues following release. Google before buying.

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