The Minimalist, Informative Lock Screen

This minimalist, text-based lock screen gives you all the info you need to know when you hit your iPhone's home button: the time, the date, and even the amount of RAM your device has free. Reader Jonnyt Mueller shows us how to grab this lock screen with just a few tools.

To get this look, all you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone and grab these two apps from the Cydia app store:

  • LockMS, which will add the "LockMS" theme to Winterboard. Enable it to get the main text on your lock screen.
  • Ios4 NoSlider.Theme, which will get rid of the slider.
  • SBSettings, which you can use to stick the free RAM statistic in your menu bar.

With just a few small tweaks, you can get your lock screen looking pretty stylish and minimalistic, while making it more informative and easy to read than the default.

Lock Screen [Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr Group]


    This feels like a silly question but.

    How do you unlock the screen?

      How? What a silly question! Why, you just... you... uh...

      its still there, u just cant see it

    I think the NoSlider theme merely makes it invisible, so you can still slide across where it 'was' to unlock it.

    swipe across where the slider used to be,its just invisible.

    I like minimalist themes like this, rocked typophone for a while, as well as various personal mods etc.
    But in the end, I always felt like the convenience of using lockinfo (using mail without unlocking etc) far outweighed the immediate 'coolness' and shock factor of these types of lockscreens.

    I am still at a loss as to why 'most' people refuse to break their devices, but meh, their loss.

      For me it's because I can't trust running software that goes to the heart of my phone to install the jail broken software...

      ...and do nothing else to my phone at all.

      Wouldnt it be just a spyware writers dream to put out a jail break tool and watch as millions give them permission to go install their spyware / malware etc?

    Is there an equivalent lock screen for android?

    Bit of a nooby question, but I'm stuck on the Ios4 NoSlider.theme part. Which repo will I find it in?

    looks very windows phone 7 if you ask me

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