The Full Moon Home Screen

Reader Lifehacker Bill brings us this week's featured home screen, complete with lots of system info and a very large, rather pretty weather widget.

Bill explains his Android setup the best, so I'll just leave it to him:

This is my main home screen on my Evo 4G. I'm using Cyanogenmod 7 with the Honeybread theme which includes the honeycomb wallpaper. My launcher is LauncherPro, which gives me the scrollable dock.

Finally, the entire upper part of screen is the BITS widget. The centerpiece, which tonight is the waning gibbous moon, changes in real time. As the month progresses, the phase of the moon changes as well. During the day, based on local sunrise and sunset times, the moon is replaced by the sun . Additionally, a graphic representation of current weather conditions appears above either the sun or the moon. Tonight there are "few clouds".

I purposely waited til night time to take this screenshot because I think the moon looks best. I could force it to always show the moon, but I think it's neat to have my home screen change to reflect real world conditions.


    Arguably the best weather based widget I've seen. Gonna be trying this one for sure!

    Nice, but trying to install the widget and configure it to look like the screen shot takes hours and hours. I've been at it 30 minutes and still nowhere close to getting it looking like the above.
    Specific details about which parts, their size, colour, their location, font type, transparencies, etc. are all required if anyone seriously wants to get their screen looking like the above.

    It might be obvious and simple to graphical artist-types, but those sort of people probably already have kick-ass screens. For the rest of us, without the details, you might as well give us a box of crayons and ask us to draw the Mona Lisa.

    And it's cruel to tease us, to boot.

    Is this where we submit our own? :P

      And a more up to date version (background changes with weather so it is still the same setup)

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