The Best Post-Exercise Drink: Chocolate Milk

The Best Post-Exercise Drink: Chocolate Milk

Forget sports drinks; the best beverage to have after a workout or hard race is chocolate milk, studies say.Photo by Team Traveller.

Some Lifehacker readers have mentioned this tip before on related posts about what to drink when exercising, and these two new studies provide further confirmation that chocolate milk — particularly low-fat chocolate milk — is an ideal recovery drink to have after exercise.

In the cited University of Texas at Austin study, athletes who drank low-fat chocolate milk after a hard workout (as opposed to those who drank sports beverages with just carbohydrates) developed more muscle and less fat, as well as improved workout times. Another study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found cyclists who drank chocolate milk had twice the maximal oxygen uptake (the most amount of oxygen an individual can use during intense exercise, an indicator of your cardiovascular fitness) as those who drank calorie-free beverages or carbohydrate sports drinks.

So, in the three-minute recovery window after exercising, have a nice cold drink of low-fat chocolate milk to boost your performance and overall physical shape.

Chocolate milk is the best drink for recovery after exercise [IndiaVision]


  • What a pathetic study, ofcourse the group drinking sugar + protein after a workout will gain more muscle mass than the group just drinking sugar.. Did they really need to do a study on this..
    But as for the “best” drink postworkout, its definately not milks.. the fats will slow down the absorbtion of the sugars/proteins, which in turn doesnt take full use of that all important time post workout.

    my opinion ofcourse.

  • The point is that this is low-fat milk so the milk solids are minimal and therefore interfere less. Also the types of proteins within the milk are supposedly more bioavailable compared to lab concocted so-called protein recovery drinks. I’m pretty sure I read this study a year or two ago when researching p90x amongst other programs and the supplements they prescribe. Choc milk shows better recovery times, v02max and muscle growth. In terms of whether strawberry milk/banana milk/vanilla milk or choc milk is better, I’m guess it doesn’t matter too much as most of those variations are artificial flavours with sugar.

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