Test Out Quickflix Free For Six Weeks

Test Out Quickflix Free For Six Weeks

I tested out movie rental service Quickflix earlier this year by taking advantage of a bargain-priced trial offer. If you want to give it a go with even less risk, there’s a six-week free trial running at the moment.

The six-week option comes via DealsDirect, and extends the existing 2-week free trial. You need to make sure you cancel your subscription before the trial expires in order not to get slugged with an unexpected bill (you have to provide credit card details as part of the sign-up process). I didn’t have any trouble doing this, but some readers did report difficulties, so don’t leave it to the very last minute if you test the service but decide it’s not for you.

QuickFlix [via OzBargain]


  • Yeah, I would never recommend using QuickFlix. Their business is so reliant on people signing up for trials and forgetting to close the account.

    When I was a customer, they sent a heap of $50 vouchers around Christmas time to give as presents. Dodgy. $50 would give a couple of months of service, but I can see the idea is that the voucher users would forget and be charged.

    Not only that, but I sent flowers to my girlfriend from a big flower delivery company and in the box there was a QuickFlix voucher!

    I don’t trust them!

  • Yeah Angus, $19.00 a month is till a bit high for me, given that there is rarely more than one or two decent movies per month released! Maybe if Blockbuster goes under I’ll think about it, plus you have to take into consideration your download limit!! 🙂

  • Quickflix has been great for me. Probably a time of life thing. Very young family not much chance to go out at night much. Oh and our local video store had never heard of blade runner, let alone stock it.

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