Telstra Selling Pricey Xperia Play From June 3

While the general availability date for the Xperia Play is June 8, Telstra has announced it will have limited stock in its own stores from June 3. More notable than that: the outright buy price of $960.

If you're mad keen to get hold of the phone as soon as it launches, then Telstra is advising checking availability with your local store (there's a list on the Telstra blog post linked below). While the Xperia Play is an attractive device, $960 seems a bit much. That said, buying it on a plan isn't very cheap either; on a $79 Freedom Connect plan, you'll still have to make repayments of $20 a month over 24 months.



    A 1000 bucks outright???? What were they thinking?

    kidding me, the new dual core 1.2GHz 1GB Ram Galaxy S II outright is only something like $729, even you have something called PlayStation Suite selling PS one games that no one interested.

    whoa whoa, iPhone 4 32GB still sells for a hair over 1k boys

      Actually, the iPhone4 32gb is a hair under the 1k, it retails (from Apple and Telcos) for $999.

      But I see the point your raising, and it remains valid :D

    Will not sell.

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