Telstra Pushing Out Xoom Honeycomb Upgrade In July

The Motorola Xoom tablet has only been on sale through Telstra for a fortnight, but Telstra is already promising a fairly speedy upgrade to Android Honeycomb 3.1 before too long. On the Telstra Exchange blog, Telstra says the 3.1 update will be rolled out in July.

We've run over the main additions to Honeycomb 3.1 before; the pleasing thing about this change is that we're not waiting months for it to hit new devices. Telstra has said it will begin device testing this week, which means there's no absolute locked-in date, but barring major glitches July looks likely.

Telstra Exchange


    The tablet is cool, but which keyboard is that?!?

    Good to see, i was just about to upgrade mine the hard way but i can wait till July

    shame about the HTC Desire gingerbread upgrade thats been out for months.... i guess existing customers aren't important enough.

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