Swap Desktops With Each Other With These Reader-Suggested Wallpapers

Our weekly wallpaper roundup generally sticks to a theme, but sometimes it's good to be random. Here's a selection of wallpapers of all types, suggested by Lifehacker readers.

Terra Lontaine

Download this wallpaper [customise.org, submitted by Ian Hoppe 1600x1200]

Not Another Bulb Pic

Download this wallpaper [Modified from original by scian, deviantART]


Download this wallpaper [Submitted (and created) by Sean Conaty Unlimited]

Sean created this site to let you create your own custom plaid backgrounds and browse the creations of others. Very cool, especially if you're into plaid.

Paul Rand Quote

Download this wallpaper [Origin unknown, submitted by Souleiman B. 1280x800]

This one's a bit small (resolution-wise) for some of you, but it should be an easy one to re-create if you need a larger version.

I Heart You

Download this wallpaper [Tian Chew Lim 1920x1280]

Once in a Blue Moon

Download this wallpaper [Tian Chew Lim 1920x1280]

Untitled Document

Download this wallpaper [THFM on deviantART, submitted by Grace Lei 1920x1200]

Cold Serenity

Download this wallpaper [Jamie MacDonald TABLET]

Another one really only big enough for a tablet or smartphone, but nonetheless too good to pass up.

Towel Day

Download this wallpaper [Travis Avery 2560x1440]


Download this wallpaper [Mantia, submitted by Toby 2560x1600]


    These are some great wallpapers, but please have the decency to recognise the original artist.

    Vladstudio does great work, you can get Tierre Lontaine from his page: http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?terrelointaine

      Gotta agree, I recognised Vlad's work straight off. I see lots of his stuff around with NO credit to him. What's the deal?

      Also, the one called 'Serenity' had no trace of a Firefly Class Transport.

      Also, the TARDIS one is FANTASTIC!

      They suck man, just stealing wallpapers from others… Well done Lifehacker!

      The allegedly "Idea on the Horizon" is my own photograph and is entitled "Not another bulb pic" FYI
      But the thing that bothers me is that you also edited it (or Ian Hoppe). Nice one!

      Here is the original:

      Very professionally done, Lifehacker

        Hey Alex,

        This post is originally from the US Lifehacker, and we assume they do the correct diligence in locating the right credits. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case here. I've updated the post with a credit and link to your image. Thanks for letting us know.

    This place is all awesome for wallpapers:

    The second wallpaper is original design by Alex Sican (www.sicanstudios.com)

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