Stand-Up Snap-Lock Bag Is A Handy Food Storer

Snap-lock bags are very handy for storing all kinds of items ranging from food to USB sticks, but the standard sizes don't bulk out well for storing larger amounts of stuff. The solution? A larger snap-lock bag with an expanding base that means you can use it for dry goods and other items.

I'll freely admit that the only reason I sampled this particular Glad bag was because I ran into an online offer offering a free sample by mail to anyone who responded. This mostly proves I am a cheapskate, as a regular pack of 15 costs around $3.

It's certainly a handy way to store food and more versatile than a sandwich-sized bag, though for items like pasta I ultimately think I'd rather buy a more permanent container that I can reuse. What do you reckon?



    Whn you can grab an airtight container for only a few $ more there's really no need for this in the home.

    May be handy when travelling however.

    This is like some weird kind of infomercial...

    Nice, though mice will get through it pretty easily

      The mice round our way can nibble through tupperware style containers. I think I'm going to upgrade to glass containers or maybe ammo boxes with the ammo still in them; the verminous little bastards might get what's coming to them :)

      Glad no longer!

    I used one of these bags recently to marinade chicken wings. It was so much easier to put in the chicken & marinade, seal up the bag and then roll it around to coat. It took up much space in the fridge overnight leaving me more room for beers, my hands didn't get covered in marinade and chicken juice and I just chucked the bag out after use so there was no clean-up.

    All that said, I can't think of another reason why I would ever use these bags, they're really not sturdy enough for frequent re-use.

    Snap-lock bags are fine for short-term use (a few days to a week), but for anything longer, a proper container would be a better option for the simple fact that cockroaches and other critters can chew through the plastic in snap-lock bags quite easily.

    i have used them for storing prezals, and find within a few days they let enough air in to go stale :(

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