Spend Less Time Doing Warm Ups For A Better Workout

Spend Less Time Doing Warm Ups For A Better Workout

Warm ups are great, but a new study suggests that people are probably spending too much time and energy doing them before getting to the actual workout. This is especially true for competitions, where people tend to warm up to the point of actually diminishing their performance.

Photo by Sancho McCann.

According to a professor of kinesiology at the University of Calgary, warm ups should only last minutes, and never peak above 70% the intensity of the intended final workout. Anything more is just going to fatigue muscles before they ever actually make it to the track, field, rink, pool, or mat.

Less is More: Standard Warm-up Causes Fatigue and Less Warm-up Permits Greater Cycling Power Output. [PubMed.gov via The New York Times Health]


  • I have felt over the years that too much stretching was not good for the body because by the time you get to play whatever it is your bodys half nackered before you even start, so I agree totally with this article. Ease up on the stretches ok!!!

  • @Cindy – I don’t think you’re actually meant to stretch prior to activity; warm up should be just that, doing something that prepares your body for what it’s about to endure. If you stretch before doing something you’ll probably feel worse and create more lactic acid.

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