Simplify Your Desktop With These Minimalist Wallpapers

Few things provide the focus of a remarkably simple, distraction-free desktop. Today we're taking a look at a selection of minimalist wallpapers that are nice to look at without getting in your way.

Vintage Rainbow Badge Download this wallpaper [Adam Dachis 1920x1080]

We keep getting requests for this so we figured it was time to post it. It also comes with raindrops and in dark blue.

Apple Download this wallpaper [Simple Desktops, by Guilhermy Duarte 2560x1600]

Red Arrow Download this wallpaper [Flickr]

Free and Equal Download this wallpaper [Minimal Wall 2560x1600]

4 Colour Rainbow Download this wallpaper [Simple Desktops, by Eurux 2560x1600]

Black Wood Download this wallpaper [WallpaperStock 1680x1050]

Rainbow Gummies Download this wallpaper [Minimalist Wallpaper 1600x1050]

Dandelion Download this wallpaper [Simple Desktops, by Seth Williams 2560x1600]

My Favorite Book Download this wallpaper [Hutzon on deviantART via Hongkiat 6576x4192]


    BLACK WOOD! I've been using that for months. Beautiful desktop!

    You guys should do some wallpapers featuring guitars, like for example my current wallpaper.

    It's simple clean & showcases and a beautiful guitar.

    Hi Guys please check the credit a bit better actually the "read arrow" photo is from my. Check my flickr portfolio[email protected]/2910922647

    Please change the credits there and shame on *HQ Wallpapers Photography Design* for stealing art from people!


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