Ripen Immature Produce Faster With An Apple

Ripen Immature Produce Faster With An Apple

The produce you buy isn’t always ready to eat because it has often been prematurely stocked in the grocery store. You can, of course, buy it and wait for it to ripen, but that process can be expedited with the help of an apple. Here’s how.First of all, your apple needs to be ripe or this won’t work. That said, all you need to do is place the produce in a paper bag along with the apple. The mass of the produce should be no more than five times the size of a single apple. If it’s larger, you’ll need more than one apple. For example, one apple is sufficient for ripening five to six tomatoes.

This process isn’t instant, but it can net you ripened produce within a day or two depending on how much work it needs to do. It’s a lot better than eating you food prematurely or waiting a week for it to be in its best condition.

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