Producteev Lets Your Friends See (And Help You With) Your To-Do List

Previously mentioned Producteev has always been a great online task manager, but today it released a new feature that allows your friends to see your to-do list, and offer advice on how to get those lingering tasks done.

Starting today, you'll be able to make any of your Producteev tasks "public", meaning anyone can see and comment on them. You can then send them out to Facebook, Twitter, or email, soliciting help from your friends ("What's the best tool to get this done as easily as possible?"), and they can reply to you — even if they don't have a Producteev account. They can just connect with other accounts like Twitter or Facebook, and join in on the conversation to help you get things done. Motivation can come from a lot of places, but nothing works quite as well as having a few friends holding you accountable, and helping you along the way. Hit the link to read more about the new features.



    Be warned that you need to email customer service to close down an account. Awaiting response still from 8hrs ago.

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