Postbox Email Client Now Faster, Easier To Navigate

Postbox Email Client Now Faster, Easier To Navigate

Windows/Mac: Advanced email client Postbox was always one of the most powerful clients around, but was a bit expensive at $US40. Today sees the release version 2.5, which overhauls the interface for easier browsing, as well as dropping the price to a more reasonable $US20.If you were on the fence about Postbox before, take another look. Not only is the price much more manageable, but the new interface adds a number of small features that make it easier to use. Most obvious is the new vertical message column, which looks more like the iPad’s version of Mail, or the one in OS X Lion, which is more space-efficient on widescreen monitors. You can, of course switch back to a more traditional view. Its Gmail-like conversation view also loads faster and moves much smoother due to a more streamlined look. Other small changes abound in the interface which just make your email more easily scannable and browsable, which is great since advanced clients like Postbox can seem cluttered.

The Mac builds have also been updated to run in 64-bit mode, which speeds up the whole thing considerably. The Windows builds are also faster, but still run in 32-bit mode.

Postbox often got complaints of a price that was too high and speeds that were too low, and this new version does a lot to fix that. If you’re unhappy with your current mail client, definitely check out the newest version of Postbox — it’s one of the best email clients on the block. Check out their blog posts on version 2.5 to read more.

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